About Us

Manav Seva Adult Community Day Care Centre Leicester started in October 2014. The organisation was established by Mr. Rajesh Joshi, Mrs. Kalpana Joshi and family, as well as volunteers. We have a real passion in caring for vulnerable people, where they have a range of activities to enjoy and participate in.

Our Aims are to provide more support for the elderly people in our communities, who are in needs for their independence and build self confidence.

At the centre there are many activities to enjoy and participate in such as; Light exercises, yoga, meditation, recreational games such as board games, quizzes, puzzles and much more. Most of the activities are delivered by professionals and organisations such as; Age UK who are supporting us in delivering these activities in a safe and effective way. Seva solution (Social Enterprise) are supporting us to deliver Computing/ IT/social media sessions for our service users. This goes on to develop their skills and abilities and we encourage all our service users to get involved.

We provide everybody the opportunity to join our loving and laughing family.