Social Inclusion Service


We provide Day Care Services for adult aged 50 and over, who want to become socially involved.

Our reliable Day Care Service is provided by friendly and fully qualified staff with individual attention provided on all activities at secured and safe, Health and Safety standard at our community centre.

We also provide service for those with physical or mental challenges. Transport available (wheel chair accessible minibus) with qualified staff/ escort. Our Day care centre for elderly and/or vulnerable people offers them these benefits:

What we offer




Meal / Refreshments


Social Inclusion Service


We provide a range of activities designed to stimulate clients both physically and mentally, to encourage socialisation and minimise isolation.

We encourage all our members to take part on our most activities, where they enjoy, learn and share with friends and family.

All provided activities are cost free entry for Carers, senior citizens, elderly or adults who are suffering from any disabilities - Age group from 45 plus.

All activities listed below are provided free of charge and are open to all with prior booking.


Scheduled Activities

Gentle Exercise, Yoga, Meditation session – Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Time: 10.45am to 12.15pm – cost free entry

Providing gentle exercise, Yoga & Meditation session for stimulate mind and body – session provided by Manav Seva community centre CIC

Basic computing / Emails/ Internet & Social Media session Every Monday and Wednesday Time: 13.30 to 15.00 – cost free entry

We are encouraging to join (essential) life learning skills. who wish to improve their skills for own independence & Socialise with multicultural people/friends & family.

ESOL – English for Speakers of other language sessions – Every Thursday – Time: 13.30am to 15.00pm – cost free entry

Learn English language (ESOL) to become independence. The session included spoken, Read and write English language.

Arts & Crafts session Every Tuesday – Time: 13.30pm to 15.00pm – cost free entry

Learn Arts & Crafts – on how to sharpen own skills by gaining new ideas on how to make cards, make it attractive/charming gifts, Drawing and colouring artistic design and new ideas are welcome

Quizz Time Activity – Every Monday & Wednesday – Time between 13.30pm to 15.00pm – Age group from 45 + cost free entry

Take a part on quizzes, on screen puzzles for give an exercise to keep active brain and stimulate mind. This will benefits to avoid or reduced dementia (Memory losing issue) on early age.

Events celebration – up to 150 adults included up to 20 wheelchair users adults with carers/Guardians – cost free entry

We are welcoming all groups from any organisations who wish to join us on joyful events. we celebrate all events including Diwali, Christmas and others. Please contact us for further information.

Day Trips

cost free entrance ticket to the points of interest (POI) – limited up to 23 adults per trip with up to 8 carers/ guardians (12 months project launching soon)

Day trips starting from June 2022 to September 2022

For further information & Booking: Please contact us: Tel: 07877611602 (Mr Rajeshkumar Joshi) or Email:

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