Manav Seva Day Care Centre is a Community Interest Company (not for profit) and operates day care centres around Leicester.

Age Group 50+ service

We have a clear vision for providing the highest level of care for the elderly.


Our Core Services

Meals on Wheels

Pure Vegetarian fresh meal delivered tailored to individual diet requirements. Daily home delivery tiffin service.
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Day Care Service

Age Group 50+ service, wheelchair accessible transport, indoor and outdoor activities, lunch/ refreshments provided.
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Social Inclusion Service

Providing tailor made services including seating, shopping, outing, short walk through our qualified care staff.
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Let us help you.

We provide Day Care Services for adult aged 50 and over, who want to become socially involved.

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Why choose Manav Seva

Our reliable Day Care Service is provided by friendly and fully qualified staff with individual attention provided on all activities at secured and safe, Health and Safety standard our community building/Venue.

Our Day care centre for elderly, vulnerable people offers them these benefits:


What clients say about our work